Chicago DIY punk scene

Chicago DIY punk scene


Genres: Metal, Punk, Street punk

Release year: 2021

Country: USA

City: Chicago

Language: English

Format: .mp3

Bitrait: 128 kbps

01. Piece By Piece

02. Abandon Hope

03. Desolate

04. A Fire Inside

05. Bite the Bullet

06. Your Time Has Come

07. The Old & The Dead

08. One Last Ride

09. The Call of the Void

10. The Dream is Dead / A Better Way

Forged from the working class streets of the south side of Chicago, The Decayed brings a blend of classic punk, hardcore, and thrash to obliterate the ears of their listeners.

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Genres: Punk, Pop-punk, Power pop

Release year: 2020

Country: USA

City: Chicago

Language: English

Format: .mp3

Bitrait: 320 kbps

01. Attack of the 5 Foot Bitch

02. Shirley Needs a Dildo

03. Shit for Brains

04. My Heart's in the Right Place

05. Cheeto in a Speedo Eating a Burrito

06. Young Dumb and into Iron Maiden

07. Fanculo a Tutti

08. If I Had a Girl Like You

09. Hong Fucking Kong

10. White Power Feud in Atlanta

11. Bubblegum Girl

12. Let the Rain Wash Away My Tears

13. Leave That Girl Alone

14. Nightmare to Deal With

15. We Love Our Fans

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