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Сall for protection of the squat community of Prosfygika

We address this call to collectives and individuals from all around the world to join the combative defense of PROSFYGIKA against the imminent repression. The attempted evacuation of our neighborhood must be turned into a central event of resistance and a victory against political power and the gentrification of our neighborhoods in the metropolis.

Interview with NO HEART

Describe the usual working week of a usual Canadian skin. 

This answer of course assumes I am a usual Canadian Skin (which I may not be) But a regular week for me is spent working way too many hours (10+ a day 5 days a week minimum) - I have a good job and like what I do, but I also have a lot of obligations and so I work my ass off to try and meet them. Spare time is spent with my family as much as possible and I still try and squeeze in a couple of nights a week to play music. The one luxury I do have is my work is also the rehearsal space for both of my bands (The down side there is that I spend even more time at my place of work) - Somewhere in between all of that, I try and throw a few cups of coffee, a few beers and even a meal or two into my body... and if I can I'll try and catch a bit of sleep and maybe a shower and shave.